Modern Maker is a bespoke joinery company, founded by Mark Lewis Hodgson by chance in 2021. With a background in graphic design and over 25 years of branding experience, Mark’s career journey from woodworking to graphic design and back to woodworking, is an unusual example of dedication to design and creativity.

Mark loved making things from an early age, first with Lego, then with wood and in his teenage years he was on track for a joinery career but his path changed once he was introduced to Photoshop 1.0 on an Apple Mac (circa. 1990). Mark’s career as a graphic designer was filled with success, throughout he contributed to some of the most popular global brand names whilst working for leading brand agencies in London, Leeds and Dubai before setting up his own design studio in Hitchin.

However, despite his accomplishments that early passion for woodworking never truly faded. It wasn’t until Mark reached his mid-40s that he reconnected with joinery when he embarked on a personal project to build his own kitchen. Word spread among his peers and neighbours, who saw the quality and care in his work and commissioned him. As the demand for his cabinetry grew it rapidly outweighed his graphic design and he made the difficult decision to change career and devote himself fully to his revived passion – Modern Maker was put in motion.


Modern Maker is different. We take pride in the journey of our founder: an ex-brand designer who re-discovered his passion for woodworking later in life. This unique blend of design expertise, attention to detail and craftsmanship, allows us to create bespoke furniture that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. From the workshop, we deliver each stage of your project in close liaison with you to ensure it perfectly meets your requirements. From concept to design, making to painting, installation to aftercare – we are committed to the best we can possibly do in terms of quality and service.

Our services.

Design. We understand the importance of optimising the space you have. We’ll work closely with you to design a fitted furniture solution that maximises functionality and makes the most efficient use of your available space. Starting with a pencil sketch we aim to create fitted furniture that will compliment your existing interior or will make your interior vision become a reality.

Handmade. Each piece of furniture we create is made to order in our workshop. We do not mass produce and we do not buy in. By avoiding pre-made components, we ensure that every item fits your space perfectly, to the millimetre. All our cabinetry is made to measure which eliminates the need for ‘filler’ pieces to hide gaps. We can fit wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling if required. We test fit all our cabinets in the workshop prior to installation to ensure everything is present, correct and in order before delivery.

We only buy from registered timber suppliers to ensure the timber we use is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) an international, non-governmental organisation dedicated to promoting responsible management of the world’s forests.

Painting. We have no limitations when it comes to colour choice – we think cabinet colour is of primary importance and can make or break a project and we can paint whatever colour you choose, from whichever paint brand. Even if you find a colour you like (eg. on an object, or on a piece of clothing) we can scan and digitally match it, so there’s no need to be limited to just paint brands! We’ll paint a few colour samples up for you to live with before making your final decision. We feel this is an important stage as colours can change so much in different lights and times of day, the colour you chose online may look completely different in real life in your home.

Ironmongery. We can recommend handles but we understand that the choice of ironmongery is a personal preference. With limitless options available, we often let the customer inform us of their desired handles, ensuring that the final result perfectly complements their furniture and interior design.

Work surfaces. The choice of worktops is vast and we are here to help. We can source a specialist manufacturer and give you range of options to choose from. We will install the worktop once it has been delivered or we can oversee installation should you opt for a specialist finish: eg. corian, granite, marble. We can also install temporary worktops so you can use your furniture whilst waiting for your worktop to be made.

Installation. When it all comes together is the most exciting part – for you and for us! We believe the installation process should be stress-free for our clients with minimum disruption to daily life. By the time of installation our team know every single piece of your cabinetry inside and out and it is a formality to ensure an expert fit. Putting the handles on is one of the final finishing touches we enjoy the most.

Aftercare. We are a local workshop and we value our relationship with our customers. We offer dedicated aftercare services, ready to address any problems or snagging issues promptly. Our team is just a phone call away and can visit your premises at short notice to resolve any issues.

Why choose Modern Maker?

Personalised service. We take pride in providing a one-to-one level of service that is impossible for larger brands to offer. Only a small tight-knit team can be responsive, attentive and committed to exceeding your expectations. Your single point of contact will be with you throughout the whole process – and will be involved in your project from the initial design stage and through every step of the build process to installation and finishing. They will know your cabinetry inside and out.

Local business. We mainly work in Hitchin and surrounding area but have completed projects in Harpenden, St. Albans and even as far as Cambridge. We are real people that care about our local area and our customers.

Competitive pricing. We believe that luxury shouldn’t come with an exorbitant price tag. One of the most pleasant surprises our clients experience is our pricing. By operating as a smaller workshop, without a showroom we have the advantage of lower overheads allowing us to offer our handmade fitted furniture at more affordable prices compared to big brand alternatives. Our company mission is to make bespoke handmade luxury cabinetry affordable without compromise on design or quality.

Before paying your deposit to one of the usual big name brands, we invite you to explore what we can offer at Modern Maker. Our pricing and build quality may just surprise you!

Get in touch to arrange a free design consultation and let Mark transform your space into something really special.

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